Regular Landline Phones Are On The Way Out

I have been saying for a long time that the reason AT&T will not repair our lines on the Island to a good quality standard was that they where going to quit using landlines.

Please read the legislation they are asking our lawmakers to approve right now. I have copied it right below my text. The criteria allowing them to quit, is easy for them to meet. The the two alternate phone service sources needed by them to quit landline service to the Island already exist. Their own AT&T Cell Phone and their competitor Verison. The fact that there are many spots on the Island that can only be serviced by a cell phone using a Mini Cell Tower through an Internet Satellite System will have no effect on the decision by our lawmakers, I am betting.

This is the proposed legislation which I predict will be passed soon. AT&T has deep pockets to get what they want and they want this. It will save them millions.

AT&T Bill to Eliminate Landlines in Committee

October 25, 2013

SB 636, sponsored by Sen. Mike Nofs (R-Calhoun County) was introduced and brought to the Senate Energy and Technology Committee this week.  The bill would allow incumbent landline telephone providers to eliminate copper landlines with sufficient notice to customers and the public in the area.  AT&T argued that it is replacing copper lines with broadband cable and wireless. To eliminate the copper lines, the company would have to go before the Federal Communications Commission, so it wants to eliminate the state Public Service Commission jurisdiction on the matter.  Currently, state law forbids an incumbent landline company from eliminating “plain old telephone service” (POTS) unless there are at least two similar services available in the area.  MAC has a number of questions related to public safety in rural areas and the implications of possibly not having a provider of last resort, and will take the bill up in the MAC Judiciary Committee on Monday for review.


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